Tired of winter – anticipating the joy of the Okanagan in the summer?
In this course we will explore the spontaneity and freedom that a simple lead pencil offers when drawing the landscape. In addition to instruction on the creative handling of the pencil, perspective and composition will also be discussed and practiced.

Learn the core elements of drawing and develop the tools to make beautiful and interesting drawings. Working with pen, pencil, and charcoal, participants will explore a range of styles and approaches. Get the fundamentals down and use them to draw from life and photo references. This class is suitable for adult beginners and early intermediates that want to learn or improve their drawing skills.

Join Nancy Vince and create happy doodle art. In this class she will show the progression of creating a piece from the pencil sketch to the finished artwork. Begin by creating your ideas in pencil, and then use a pen to work in the details and lastly add color to the art piece you create.

For most of us, drawing is an acquired skill which is improved with a better understanding of proportions, perspective and anatomy. Course includes easy to follow instructions to build a strong foundation.