Watercolour on Masa Paper

with Wendy Robson

Watercolour on Masa Paper

Level: All Levels

WATERCOLOUR on MASA PAPER with Wendy Robson (4 classes)
Level: All Levels
This interesting technique involves working on crumpled masa paper, gluing the result to conservation board and then finishing the images with some direct watercolour applications. The overall work has a very textural feel and is the result of the initial application of watercolour to the crumpled sheet. You will love the effects you can achieve! This workshop is a fun experience for all levels.
Saturdays & Sundays, May 27, 28 and June 3, 4   10:00am–4:00pm
Cutoff Date to register is May 8th.

Supplies needed: Masa paper & conservation board (can be purchased from the instructor).
PAINTS (any brand): Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, New Gamboge (yellow), Viridian (greenish blue), Indigo (very dark navy).
EXTRA PAINTS WHICH ARE USEFUL (any brand): Burnt Sienna (brown colour), Raw Sienna (yellow colour), Opera (bright pink – Holbien Paints only available at Opus), Peacock Blue (turquoise colour – HOLBIEN PAINTS), Cobalt Blue (Daniel Smith paints-(best buy) at Opus).
BRUSHES: 1/4″ and1/2″ flat nylon (Gold Sable brand recommended), 1″ flat nylon (Gold Sable), No 2 or 3 Rigger or Liner nylon brush. (any brand), 2 – 2″ white bristle brushes (can be found in dollar stores), 2″ foam brush (dollar store or similar), 1/2″ hog hair  oil paint brush (bright short hair).
OTHER SUPPLIES: Board approx. 12 x 16 wood or similar (2 would be useful), 2 water containers, plastic palette (six mixing wells), paper towel, plastic for table, 1″ masking tape, hair dryer, water soluble glue or wheat paste (can be purchased from the Instructor), spray bottle for water.

Non-Member Price: $465
Member Price: $450

This event finished on 04 June 2017