Wet Felted Vessel

with Nikki Marshall

Wet Felted Vessel

Level: Intermediate

In this class students will use a 3 dimensional resist with many different layers to make a wet felted vessel. You will learn how to make craters, how to nuno felt, cracked effect, needle felting, prefelt and how to use it, embroidery on wool and ink on silk.

Materials to bring: 2 x bubble wrap approximately 26in X 36in – If you cannot find a piece that large, we can tape it, 2 old towels, water bowl, pair of scissors, pair of pointed embroidery scissors (can be purchased at the dollar store), pencil and large-format sketch paper, permanent marker, big ruler, sewing kit (needles and thread), baking sheet with sides on it, measuring cup, Piece of plastic that is 24 X 36 or so (painters plastic) and a piece of bubble wrap.

Non-Member Price: $140
Member Price: $125
Materials: $30

This event finished on 13 May 2017